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Landscape design with native and introduced plants, stone, wood and metal create garden concepts in traditional or contemporary ways. Fences, gates, arbors, pergolas, retaining walls, courtyards and creative planting arrangements can all bring interest and dimension to your landscape. The architecture of your home and your family's life style are all influential in creating an outdoor environment that is uniquely yours. Planting plans focus on the "right plant for the right place" in terms of site conditions, mature size, drought tolerance, wildlife habitat and even edibility. Planting native plants is a way homeowners can participate in saving a piece of our forever diminishing native plant habitat. A garden or courtyard can provide sanctuary and comfort from the stress of our busy lives and the hustle-bustle of today's world. A landscape plan created by an award winning, experienced & certified landscape designer  will assist you in achieving the outdoor environment you desire for your home.



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