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Ecological Landscaping Services Logo Donna earned an art degree in sculpture from Portland State University while also studying and practicing horticulture.  She received her landscape design education from landscape architects at Clackamas Community College. Her artistic ability won her awards in sculpture and in landscape design at the 2001 Portland Home and Garden Show.  There she was awarded the Landscape Design Award presented by the Association of Landscape Designers, (APLD).  Her display garden, consisting entirely of native plants, was presented with the Wildlife Habitat Award and the Water Wise Gardening Award.  In the 2005 Portland Home and Garden Show Donna's garden was awarded the Silver Award for her display garden, the Palette Award for use of color, and the Art Award.  Donna was an OSU Master Gardener volunteer for 11 years and is highly supportive of the program.  She has been a volunteer for Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden for 12 years and is curator of trees at the garden.  She has published a booklet on trees in that garden and is highly respected for her knowledge of plants, planting design and the pruning of rhododendrons and other shrubs and trees.  She is permanently certified by the National Association of Professional Landscape Designers and is a founding member of the Oregon chapter.  She currently serves as Past President of that organization. In addition Donna has been certified by the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (Clean Water Services) as an Ecological Business and has taken the City of Portland's Green Roof seminars. Rated highly by members of Angie's List,  she will gladly provide references on request.


In our busy lives low maintenance is frequently an issue. We want to enjoy our outdoor space but not become a slave to it. Selecting the right plant for the right place is essential in achieving a low maintenance landscape. Rate of growth, drought tolerance and disease resistance are all important maintenance issues. Choosing plants that are disease resistant reduces the need for chemical use in your garden and makes your maintenance easier. Good soil  is the basis and foundation of a successful garden. Improving the soil before planting and maintaining the soil is important. Often, we have to choose plants that can tolerate a certain type of soil such as clay. It can sometimes take years of toil to create healthy soil.
      In an urban garden, native plants can provide a way for people to get in touch with the complex indigenous biology of this place we live in. Both native and introduced, non-invasive plants can attract birds, butterflies and beneficial pollinating insects adding yet another level of enjoyment to your garden. Water attracts wildlife and creates serenity. This can be a simple birdbath or a pond for tree frogs. The underside of a rock or a bio-swale can provide a damp place for a Pacific salamander to seek shelter.


"I just wanted to write you to say thanks for doing such a great job on our landscape plan. We are really happy with how it turned out and I don't think we could have accomplished so much without your detailed work. Happy holidays!"

-Ben (& Andrew)
November 2018

"I’ve been meaning to write for awhile to express how grateful we are for your extremely well-thought out, deliberate selections for our landscaping. When you said your intention was to have something “interesting/flowering” year round, I don’t think we could have imagined our delight every time we look out our windows, walk around the neighborhood, or pull in and out of the driveway."


"Hi Donna,
I just have to let you know that I keep staring, walking around and looking at our landscaping, and I fall more in awe with your choices, design and artistry each time. Thank you so much."

June, 2017

"I wanted to let YOU know how thrilled we are with the finished result. It’s every bit as good as we anticipated. Knowing the underground story that went into what doesn’t meet the eye, it is certainly better than we expected. We know you had a hand in this every step of the way—well beyond just the design phase.Thank you so much for making our tiny yard functional instead of an aggravation. I know that as the plants mature it will only get better."

-Sally & Perry
April, 2016

"Thank you for your presentation and wonderful drawings for proposed landscaping to our church building. You captured our random vague ideas and developed them into a workable and pleasing plan."

Rose City Park Presbyterian Church

"I have to thank you AGAIN for the entire hillside design. I'm absolutely loving it. If it hadn't been for you we'd probably have some cement product sterile wall. Instead we have this living creature out there that we can engage with. You do great work. Have a sunny day,"


Donna Giguere began the renovation of my backyard in the fall of 2000. I feel that Donna has made optimal use of our small, 'L'-shaped yard. I had often read in gardening magazines that one should strive for creating "rooms" in a garden and I never quite envisioned what that meant, until Donna's design was put into place. We went from an uninviting, little-used yard to a beautiful space with numerous rooms: bluestone patio for dining; sunny corner for Adirondack lounging, raised bed area for tomato plants, a spot for the charcoal grill, a lawn for the dog, and an arbor that accommodates swings or a hammock. We are a family of 5, (plus dog), and in spite of the yard's tiny dimensions, can all enjoy it simultaneously while each "doing our own thing".
The design elements are beautiful and perfectly complement the house. The curving lines of the patio and lawn soften the chunkiness of our large house, while the fence and arbor have a strong, substantial feel that aren't dwarfed by the house's bulk. I especially like the routing detail in the fence that mimics the detail in the house trim. The swing/arbor is a particular pleasure as it manages to turn what felt like an odd little strip of a side yard into a separate area that actually has a reason for being. The arbor also somehow works to visibly widen the side yard.
After the fence and unique gate went up numerous passers-by inquired about the builder. After telling them who built it, I always was sure to say, "But what you really want to know is who designed it..."

-Lynne Hoffman

Donna Giguere designed an outdoor living area/courtyard entry for my home in Lake Oswego creating a large usable entertainment area with a southern exposure...
I've been extremely happy with the design and thouroughly enjoy being able to use my sunny front yard. I receive numerous compliments on the unusual design and "imaginative" use of formerly useless space.

-Sheila Ostly

Thank for the wonderful design for our garden. We think the design is perfect and that we will get much pleasure from it for years to come. We couldn’t have been more fortunate than having you as our designer.

-Sarah and Warren

This letter is in regard to the landscape design Donna Giguere developed for us...We really were happy with her ability to be practical and creative at the same time...Donna developed a wonderful planting plan. She incorporated many native plants that were low maintenance. She helped us determine what plants would do well with the type of soil we had...
We had a very positive experience working with Donna and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a landscape designer.

-Lynette Williams

“Donna Giguere believes in the right plant for the right place to ensure that our diminishing native plant habitat can survive. This award winning, certified landscape designer brings her sculpture background into every garden design she creates."

-Oregon Home Magazine The Get Guide 2009

Donna Giguere, FAPLD
Landscape Design

Portland, OR