These are some of the landscape contractors that Donna recommends. Some people call them landscapers, but actually they are experienced and licensed landscaping professionals, and they prefer to work off drawn landscape plans from a landscape designer or landscape architect. Several of them perform landscape maintenance. Many are all-phase, meaning they do concrete flatwork and concrete walls, stonework, pavers, wall block, woodwork, metal, soil amending, planting, irrigation, water features and outdoor LED lighting. Most of these companies are Roundup pesticide free. They are some of the smaller valued landscape companies.

Naturesafe Landcare –
971-563-7262 –
This company also specializes in basement waterproofing which often goes hand in hand with landscaping and drainage issues.

Patrick Handley Landscape –
503 314-6496 –
Stone, wood and metal are a specialty.

Mortar and Petal LLC–
503 568-1020 –
Boulder setting is a specialty.

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