Landscape Design

$150 the 1st hour and $100 each additional hour. Plans start at $2050.

  • Initial Meeting for Design: A landscape design begins with a meeting between you and Donna to access your needs and desires. Donna will quote you a fee for a full landscape plan. If you need more information she can adapt your initial meeting into a landscape consultation for her hourly fee. You might discuss garden style, scope of work, trees and plants, maintenance, materials and perhaps some problem solving. Should you decide on a full landscape plan, your consultation fee will be rolled into the cost of a plan.
  • Preliminary Landscape Planning: If your design requires structures and hardscape changes, Donna will create a Preliminary Conceptual Landscape Plan. She will refer you to contractors that she feels will meet your needs in terms of skill and cost. She advises most clients to get three bids.
  • Landscape Planting Plan: Upon approval, Donna will create a Planting Plan. A plant list will be included with the botanical name, common name, suggested size and care.

Landscape Consultation

Subject to availability; $350. with a maximum of 3 hours.

  • Quick sketch for a planting bed or patio: Donna will talk through ideas and perform quick sketches while on-site. This service focuses on targeted areas of the yard limited to 250 square feet. Typically these sketches take up to 3 hours.
  • Brain-picker: Pitch your ideas to Donna. She’ll provide feedback and then give you some truly practical and doable ideas including some out of the box thinking. An entire yard (if under 1/2 acre) typically takes 3 hours.
  • Pruning consultation: Donna will provide instruction for renovation of ill-pruned shrubs and trees. She will tell you how to do it yourself or refer you to a professional gardener with instructions.
  • Plant List: A plant list will provide you with a list of both botanical and common names and their size recommendation.

Landscape Installation

$100 an hour beyond the plan fee.

  • Landscape Installation: Design facilitation during the installation phase will assure that the finished product fulfills the design intent and that you are happy with the results. It is part of the fine-tuning that happens between the landscape designer, the landscape contractor and you. At planting time Donna can place plants for either the landscape contractor or the do-it-yourselfer. By placing plants she works with you to allow the design evolve to its full potential. Pots can also be addressed at this time.
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