Landscaping for Aging in Place

As we age, we question if we are going to be able to take care of our homes and gardens. Gardens are not one-size-fits-all and just because we are becoming oldsters doesn’t mean we are necessarily infirm and unable to maintain and enjoy our gardens. It becomes a question of what is the level ofContinue reading “Landscaping for Aging in Place”

Landscape Designers

Landscape Designer Tips Landscape Designers create plans that will assist you in installing a landscape yourself or with a licensed landscape contractor. A drawn-to-scale plan allows you to obtain a realistic budget, materials, plant choices and the logistics and phasing of how to work and create your new outdoor spaces. Independent landscape designers work withContinue reading “Landscape Designers”

Heat Tolerant Plants of the Pacific Northwest

Landscape designers have a new concern, as do gardening gurus and nurserymen:  understanding the heat tolerance of our native and cultivated plants. This past summer was a pressure cooker, not only for drought but also for a week of intense temperatures. This affected people, plants and animals. Plants help to cool the planet, yet inContinue reading “Heat Tolerant Plants of the Pacific Northwest”

Winter Flowers in the Pacific Northwest

In so many areas of the country, particularly in the North, Winter can be dreary in the garden. Interest is derived from twiggy and grassy texture, colored dogwood twigs, foliage variations, berries and the lovely peeling bark of some trees. Here in the Pacific Northwest we do have plants that bloom in the winter. OurContinue reading “Winter Flowers in the Pacific Northwest”

Fall Color in the Pacific Northwest

Fall color can vary depending on the weather and where you live. Trees that are stressed may color-up early just from the lack of water. This year in the Pacific Northwest the autumn foliage is pretty astonishing. We typically show a lot of yellow foliage but this fall, after a very warm summer, there isContinue reading “Fall Color in the Pacific Northwest”

Maryhill Museum: Art in the Garden

This summer I stopped at Maryhill Museum on the way up to Wenatchee. I had not been there in years. The new wing and grounds are inspiring with the backdrop of the Columbia Gorge. Outdoor sculptures set against against cliffs, river and sky is a awe-inspiring must see. A show at the museum featured JamesContinue reading “Maryhill Museum: Art in the Garden”