Maryhill Museum: Art in the Garden

This summer I stopped at Maryhill Museum on the way up to Wenatchee. I had not been there in years. The new wing and grounds are inspiring with the backdrop of the Columbia Gorge. Outdoor sculptures set against against cliffs, river and sky is a awe-inspiring must see. A show at the museum featured James Lee Hansen. (I took sculpture classes from him at PSU back in the late 70′s.) What a fantastic journey he has led in his life of making art. He is known as one of the most prolific sculptors in the Pacific Northwest.Seeing this show stirred up all my thoughts of sculpture in the garden, placement and mass. Human-sized pieces seem to work best unless you can elevate a piece to eye level.  Although the pieces are abstract, they are filled with symbolism and history for both the artist and the viewer.

An added benefit of the Museum was a tour on July 12th of James Hansen’s home, garden, gallery and studio in Ridgefield, Washington. I am amazed at the amount of work that he has produced.

The  photos of sculptures are at Maryhill, James Hansen’s home. Note the windblown pod is not his work but it is fun to see.

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